Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Corban Videos on YouTube

As promised, here are the links to the videos of Corban that I mentioned earlier.

Corban rolls over (7/20/2006)

Corban knocks over some blocks (8/1/2006)

Corban when he is excited (8/4/2006)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Two Months Already!

I can't believe how much time has passed already. Mommyhood is a very busy lifestyle, but I wouldn't give it up for anything. Corban keeps me very busy, with usual baby stuff, eating, pooping, burping, playing, napping on me, etc. But, all in all I'd have to characterize him, at least currently, as a fairly easy baby.
At first is was difficult to figure out how to care for this helpless creature. What do the cries mean? How do I breastfeed properly? Are all those noises he makes at night normal? How do I calm him down? Now, he doesn't cry too much, and when he does, it's not too hard to figure out what he needs. He figured out the breastfeeding thing pretty well, and now he basically feeds himself. We've all been sleeping much better. Once he's down (between 8 and 9) he only usually wakes up to eat (about 2 times) and then he's right back asleep again until about 6 or 7 in the morning. As for calming, he doesn't really scream-cry, but he does fuss, especially during the evening as bedtime approaches. Then he likes being held and walked around.
Like I said mommyhood makes for long days, so updating a blog, will not be happening as often as before. But, I am constatly upload pictures to, so if you want to see them, e-mail me and I will send you the albums of Corban. I'm also looking into adding some videos of him onto and I'll link those from here. For now, I'll leave you with his 2 month old picture.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Get me outta this toxic waste dump!

After months of trying to eat fairly healthy, I got attack of the Memorial Day munchies, which included, but was not limited to: a hamburger, a hot dog (with sour kraut), 2 large handfuls of Cheetos, lost count of how many Oreos, corn on the cob, 2 helpings of chicken and brocolli casserole, fruit snacks, 3 scrambled eggs, and I can't even remember what I had for breakfast or lunch! My labor started that night and Corban was born in the morning. I think he couldn't handle all sweets and fats and wanted out!
Corban Xavier was born at 11:30am on Tuesday, May 30th. He weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 19 1/4 inches long. He's got blond hair and blue eyes, and is very strong. Mostly, he resembles his dad, but he's got my nose and the tops of his ears are mine too, and maybe my finger nails.
The short labor story . I slept through the first part and woke up at 7:20-7:30ish with some back pain (not unusual). Sweet! After using the bathroom, and felt another little trickle, and wasn't sure if my water had broken, or if I just peed as I was doing the paper work. Confusion. I informed Jon of the situation and after calling the hospital, they wanted us to come in to see if I was really in labor. Starting to feel pain. I was 4-5cm when they first checked me soon after 8am. Ow! But YAY! Water birth wasn't an option because they were so busy at the hospital, but I did get to labor in the shower and the jacuzzi. Relaxin'. The second time they checked me (maybe an hour later) I was 5 cm. Discouraging!! Labored some more in the jacuzzi. Really contemplating some pain medication. Changing positions often is recommended and so is going to the bathroom. So after I did that, the nurse checked me again and I was 8 cm. Spirits are lifting! Another couple contractions in the tub and they wanted me out. In the room, they monitored Corban for 2 contractions, measured me again, and the midwife said "The baby's head is right here. You can start pushing at the next contraction if you want." Yes I want! Twelve minutes later, Corban was born!!

Week 38 - Last Belly Pic

This is it, peeps! The last belly pic that was taken on Sunday May 28th, 2 days before giving birth! It's amazing looking at this now that I'm not pregnant anymore. I was huge! Everyone kept telling me that, but I didn't feel that big, cuz the growth is so gradual. In the end, I weighed in at 120, for a grand total weight gain of 25 pounds, only 2 of which I'm still carrying around. Yippee! So when this pic was taken I was really thinking that LO, now named Corban Xavier, was going to be born on June 8th or 9th. I didn't want to get to excited that he'd be early. But he was :) ...see details in next post!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Week 37 Belly Pic - Any time between now and a month from now...

A baby being born "on time" can fall anytime in the range of 2 weeks before to two weeks after its due date. So, on Monday, that was my mantra: "Any time between now and a month from now..." If it's two weeks after the due date, then we start seriously considering induction. But I'm pretty sure LO won't make us wait that long. He/she has somewhat descended a bit and at my appointment yesterday the midwife said that his/her head was just above my pelvic bone. For first time moms, the baby will descend into the pelvis about 2 weeks before birth. So we play the waiting game. In a way we are lucky that Jon and I are both pretty busy this week with work and school, so it's not so bad that LO won't be here very, very soon. But we just can't wait to meet him or her! And , I think the most recent vote this week is that it's a him. So says my mom, the midwife, and Johnna Barger. Of course, this is all medical evidence, even from the midwife.
Accomplishments this week in the baby world:
Jon installed the car seat with the help of a rep from Babyland. It looks so pimpin' in our rice burner Honda Civic cuz it's all black and stuff. Sweeeeet!
At Babyland, we also bought a breast pump. We got the nicest one they have cuz Motorola will (hopefully) reimburse us up to $250. If nothing else, it's a good toilet plunger.
We pretty much settled on names for LO this week too. But we're not really sharing, cuz, well, I dunno, I guess we don't wanna see your scrunched up face if you think our names are weird.
I also typed up several documents including the birth plan, our packing list, and people to send birth announcements. The announcement list was actually really fun cuz I was in e-mail contact with several peeps who we hadn't told yet, including Anne from high school, Becca who used to be in my department, and Will-yummy, a swinger friend from way back when. And William actually has a photography business that focuses on newborns and their family and friends. So, depending on when LO comes, we might be able to have some really cool photo journalistic style pics of the LO on his/her birthday.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Week 36 Belly Pic and No names that begin with "B"

For those of you who don't know, one of Jon's nicknames is "Jeagles," which I'm assuming originated when he went to college and was assigned that as his e-mail and NetID. After graduation, the e-mail at his first job was also jeagles and the nickname, as well, continued among his friends there. At his current job at Motorola, same story. Thus, "Jeagles" has followed Jon like his shadow. Side note: at Motorola, LO is sometimes referred to as "The Jeaglit."
This sets the stage for a recent conversation that Jon and I had about naming our child...
Jon: "I don't think we should name our baby anything that begins with "B."
Celina: "Why?"
Jon: "Because then our child's e-mail address will me "Beagles."
In all the pregnancy book and baby names books that I have read, you get the common suggestions about naming a child such make sure the initials don't spell anything bad, think about how kids might tease him or her concerning the name, etc. NONE, I repeat NONE, were ever technologically advanced enough to have any suggestions about potential NetIDs and e-mail addresses. I love my engineer :)

Speaking of e-mail, today I broke the record for number of spam in my account. 1132, baby! Usually it's just over 100. Here's a review of some of my favorites:
#1: Other guys are improving themselves..are you?
#2: Don't be the "little guy" in the club
#3: bring back your memory
#4: diploma in 2 week (yes, "week" was not plural)
#5: Presbyterian span
#6: turtle fart
#7: Medicines before Valentine Day !!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Baby Shower

We had two baby showers actually. I know, we are spoiled :) The pics below are from April 2nd. Our church recently made a move to worship at the local Holiday Inn. I was tricked into returning that afternoon to scope out the venue for the children's ministry program. I had no clue what-so-ever!

Erin and Amy did an awesome job planning the surprise, and I tried to keep my nosey self out of everything. Thanks, ladies!

We started off by entertaining the guests with our feeding inadequacies. I learned one lesson: don't assume that the person you are feeding is the same height as you.

I think we then ate cake. There is a recurring theme with food at this party. YUM! This cake confirmed another lesson I learned awhile ago. Though I don't agree with Walmarts labor practices, their cakes are KICK-BUTT!

Speaking of butts, I was surprised to see that one of the games was guess that poop! Poopey diapers make Erin gag, but maybe not so much when they smell like one of your favorite chocolates! Though Adam looks quite intent on guessing this flavor, Andy, our Pastor was the only one to guess all 13 correctly.

The other game for our guests was a 50/50 raffle to guess LO's due date. Erin has the calendar, so I can't cheat and try to have the baby born on a certain date. I will still take bribes, anyway.

Lastly we opened presents. There was a mountain of gifts and generosity, which really helped us prepare for LO's arrival.
Not only will LO have things to help him/her grow, but will be he/she will hopefully be surrounded by the love and support that we felt at both our showers.

Our second shower was thrown on April 30th by a few graduate student friends from my department. Brian and Jen hosted it at their place and Ruchi and Jenell helped plan it too. As usual the food was amazing! Jenell delighted us with her wings, and Hyeyoung made my fav Korean dish. That, plus an assortment of cheeses and a strawberry cake...I was in heaven. We played a lot of fun games, including guess the number of jelly beans in the bottle. Justin won that and his basement office in CDL is benefiting from his potpourri prize :) I won the word scrabble game of baby products and I can't remember who won the memory game of baby products on the tray, but I got to keep all the knick-knacks that were on it :) Again, we opened a bunch of presents, for which we are forever thankful. More importantly, we appreciate the support of our friends!

Weeks 34 and 35 Belly Pics

Here are another 2 weeks worth of growth. Sometime between these 2 pictures, I went for my last monthly appointment at Carle, and again, everything checked out fine. I weighed in at 116.6 and my fundal height was "perfect."
While Jon and I are all set, thanks to many of you, as far as supplies and necessities for the baby, now we are focusing on getting mentally ready for the labor and delivery, and then for being parents. That, on top of the other details like picking a name, installing the car seat, writing up our birth plan, etc. that I will have more time to do after this week's school responsibilities are finished. So much to do and LO will be considered "full term" at the end of this week.
So in my last post I mentioned the LO's hiccups have died down. Well in the past 2 days or so they have come back with full force! About 2-3 times a day LO has a hiccup fit, but they don't quite last as long as before. Also LO is still moving around A LOT eventhough my baby e-newsletters say the the movements would be less frequent as LO runs out of room. He/she is still very playful, especially at night right before bed and when daddy reads aloud. We are just about finished with The Silver Chair and have plenty more book series to read once we finish The Complete Chronicles of Narnia...some that are more younger kid friendly such as The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh, The Bramble Thicket, and The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter. It seems as though we have a thing for talking animals and British authors...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Weeks 32 and 33 Belly Pics

What to say? Every week I see myself getting bigger and bigger. It's just good to know that LO is developing in there. I actually don't feel that much bigger. Some days I can still walk pretty briskly and do a flight of stairs without needing to catch my breath. But when I catch a glance of myself in the mirror, or see these pictures, it's hard to believe that this is still me.

LO's doing a couple new things. Hiccups have become less frequent: from everyday to now every few days. But they last for over 20 mins and the poor thing gets a little frustrated with it sometimes. He or she is also moving more in my lower pelvis which causes a little more pressure, but not for a long time. LO still prefers to have his or her head in my bottom left and his or her feet toward my top right.

As far as prep for the baby, our childbirth education classes are going really well. Erin or Amy have accompanied Jon and I for extra support. It's still to be determined what their role will exactly be on delivery date, but at least we're all a little more prepared. Jon has been super helpful in helping me remember and do what we learned from class. On the couple instances so far when when LO's position has caused me discomfort, Jon has been able to recommend what I can do, and it's worked both times. We also got a rocking chair in this week, which was a gift from his parents. It's absolutely perfect for my frame and fits perfectly with our current baby furniture. We still have minor finishing touches to put on the nursery and then I'll post a pic. The painting party was extremely helpful and was the major task for preparing the nursery. Thanks so much to the 10-ish people who volunteered their time and painting skills to help us or we might not have ever gotten this getting ready for LO's arrival. In upcoming posts, I still need to report about our mega-surprise baby shower. We also have the baby shower that my department is throwing this Sunday. At least this buys Jon some time to bring home from work the CD of shower pics that Bill took. Thanks, Bill!